Liberating Structures

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Liberating Structures is a collection of powerful team exercises curated by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless ( The following slides are abbreviated instructions and some modified contents to their original work. For original instructions, please visit their website.

Here’s the PowerPoint slides. Free for your use under Creative Commons BY-SA license.


What, So What, Now What?

15% Solutions

25/10 Crowd Sourcing

Min Specs

Improv Prototyping

Social Network Webbing

What I Need From You (WINFY)

Simple Ethnography

User Experience Fishbowl

Celebrity Interview

Troika Consulting

Wise Crowds

Appreciative Interviews (AI)

Helping Heuristics

Helping Heuristics | Liberating Structures | Lifecycle |

Drawing Together

Heard, Seen, Respected (HSR)

Nine Whys


Discovery & Action Dialogue (DAD)

Ecocycle Planning

Purpose-To-Practice (P2P)

Wicked Questions


Agreement-&-Certainty Matrix

Generative Relationships (STAR)

STAR | Liberating Structures | Lifecycle |

Impromptu Networking

Conversation Café

Open Space Technology

Liberating Structures is distributed under a Creative Commons license. Buy Henri and Keith’s wonderful book and contribute to their incredible work:

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