Liberating Structures

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Liberating Structures is a collection of powerful team exercises curated by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless ( The following slides are abbreviated instructions and some modified contents to their original work. For original instructions, please visit their website.


What, So What, Now What?

15% Solutions

25/10 Crowd Sourcing

Min Specs

Improv Prototyping

Social Network Webbing

What I Need From You (WINFY)

Simple Ethnography

User Experience Fishbowl

Celebrity Interview

Troika Consulting

Wise Crowds

Appreciative Interviews (AI)

Helping Heuristics

Helping Heuristics | Liberating Structures | Lifecycle |

Drawing Together

Heard, Seen, Respected (HSR)

Nine Whys


Discovery & Action Dialogue (DAD)

Ecocycle Planning

Purpose-To-Practice (P2P)

Wicked Questions


Agreement-&-Certainty Matrix

Generative Relationships (STAR)

STAR | Liberating Structures | Lifecycle |

Impromptu Networking

Conversation Café

Open Space Technology

Liberating Structures is distributed under a Creative Commons license. Buy Henri and Keith’s wonderful book and contribute to their incredible work: