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Single Sprint Scrum Pilot

Test the waters with a single Sprint full Scrum experiment.

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Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures is a collection of powerful team exercises.

Lean & Agile for Holistic Organization Development

Organizations need a better way to operate in today’s rapidly evolving world of digital and social engagement. Lean & Agile is a modality that taps into the amazing learning power of people; if adopted well, Lean & Agile has the potential to transform organizations into truly creative and resilient entities.

At Lifecycle, we practice Lean & Agile as a holistic Organization Development mindset. We interpret Lean & Agile liberally in the widest sense – while following the many proven practices of the various branches of Lean & Agile, we also make wide use of organization and people thinking beyond Lean & Agile that contribute and complement the field.

Organizational Culture as a Driver of Performance

We take an integrated approach to Organization Development across the people, process, structure, product and customer vectors of an organization. We help our clients through consulting, facilitating, coaching and training in a non-prescriptive, multi-disciplinary manner, with clear holistic systems consciousness for effective, impactful and transformational Organization Development.

We work with organizations of all forms. From startups to multi-nationals, family owned businesses, public service entities and non-profit organizations, we cater to the needs of organization and people development across leadership, executive, middle management and teams including external partners.

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Human-Centered & Dialogical

In its simplest form, organizations are made of relationships and conversations. And collective learning is achieved through shared understanding.

Conversations build relationships, and shared understandings are the building blocks of organizations. We help our clients with organization building, one conversation at a time.

After two and a half millenniums, the Socratic Method still holds.

Non-Prescriptive & Multi-Disciplinary

If the only tool that you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Clearly, we shouldn’t try fixing everything with a limited set of tools just because we are familiar with them. Likewise for example, going Agile does not mean you have to start running Scrum Sprints.

We value choice and experimentation. We help our clients gain a broad scope of the many tools and concepts available with Lean & Agile and beyond, and we assist in selecting and experimenting the appropriate approach for each unique situation and environment.

Systems Thinking

A piecemeal approach to Organization Development will render it ineffective. For example, Organizational training should not be considered in isolation from organization design, process management and strategy etc.

Organizations are living, breathing, complex systems; input (intervention) into one part of the system may have a leveraged or regressing impact to another part (reinforcing and balancing feedback loops).

We help our clients develop a holistic systems perspective to their organizations and become cognizant of organizational dynamics; a key organizational risk management skill.

Mental Models

We make heavy use of mental models in teaching the various concepts that go into Lean & Agile. Many of these thinkings come from disciplines beyond Lean & Agile.

Mental models are extremely helpful because they allow compartmentalization of knowledge and provide the opportunity to map one’s own and “vicarious” experiences, making them realistic learning and pragmatic tools that become mentally immediately available when the situation arises.

Agile Essentials Training

Agile Essentials for Teams, Managers & Leaders is our core training course designed for the initiating stage of an organization’s holistic Agile transformation effort.

The one, two and three day course helps Teams become familiar with popular Agile approaches such as Scrum and Design Thinking, Managers learn ways to set up a work environment that embraces Lean & Agile’s build-measure-learn iterative learning cycle, and Leaders gain a holistic perspective on organizational dynamics that can be both impediments and advantages to an organization’s standing.

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