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A Multi-Disciplinary and Exploratory Approach to Organization Development with Behavioral Coaching, Lean, Agile Scrum & Design Thinking

Takeshi Yoshida, Lifecycle

Takeshi Yoshida

Chief Coach & Founder

Lifecycle Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)


Social and digital technology is rapidly transforming the way we communicate and interact. Businesses and organizations are facing urgent pressure to innovate and transform to adapt to fundamentally changing customer behavior.

The exponentially expanding complexity of leaders, teams and organizations’ need for change renders no one tool or methodology effective for today’s Organization Development (“OD”).

OD today therefore is a multi-disciplinary and exploratory practice. The modern day OD professional is required to wear many hats as coach, trainer, facilitator, consultant and mentor, integrating a vast array of conventional and emerging people and process management tools, frameworks and mental models for delivering work. I am one such professional.

VUCAO Resilience & KSA Transfer

My mission is to help leaders, teams and organizations build the capability to perform, function and operate in any volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and crucially, overwhelming (hence not just VUCA, but VUCAO) condition, situation and environment.

My approach to achieving this is heavily learning oriented. KSA (Knowledge, Skill, Ability, Attitude and Aptitude) transferring the many learnings from Design Thinking, Agile Scrum and Lean with training and facilitation, and tapping into the individual and collective creativity and resourcefulness of people through coaching are both integral parts of my work.

Themes & Programs

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Innovation Manager's Toolkit - Lifecycle -
Executive Coaching for the Social Digital Connected Leader - Lifecycle -

Future Proof the Organization - Lifecycle -

Try Design Thinking + Scrum | | Lifecycle

Agile Basic Training |

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Coach Takeshi Testimonial
Coach Takeshi Testimonial
Coach Takeshi Testimonial
Coach Takeshi Testimonial
Coach Takeshi Testimonial