Can agile coaching hours count towards ICF credentialling?

Can agile coaching hours count towards ICF credentialling?

Hi Coach Takeshi,

I am working towards ICF PCC through ACTP ROUTE. I am not clear about what activities as Agile coach would account towards ICF coaching hours that can be added to the coaching log. (For PCC I have to collect 500 hours).

I have been an Enterprise Agile Coach with my current organization for 1.5 years and prior to that have about 4 years agile coaching experience. I started with my ICF journey also around the same time. Also I have about 100 hours gathered through peer coaching sessions in the past year.

If I consider on an average 1hour coaching per day at my job, do I already have 500 hours in my kitty? I hope you can help me clarify my confusion.

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Hi Tisha,

Good question and thanks for asking.

Short answer is mostly not. My understanding is that, you most likely won’t be able to count agile coaching hours in a blanket manner towards ICF credentialling hours. Here’s my interpretation:

The definition of coaching is wide and deep. However, ICF’s definition of coaching is specific.

In a typical coaching session that can count towards ICF credentialling, we open with a coachee’s goal setting of the session (coaching agreement), active listening throughout, holding up the mirror (evoking awareness), supporting ideation of actions, and closing with the coachee’s accountability for a chosen action. In the meantime, ICF Core Competencies obliges the coach to maintain trust and coaching presence.

Some agile coaching sessions may indeed follow such flow, and if so, it’s your discernment to include them into ICF credentialling hours. Judgement is yours – if in doubt follow the ICF Code of Ethics (

However, most agile coaching sessions will follow a different objective and flow. For example, coaching Backlog refinement and facilitating Scrum events (maybe Sprint Retrospectives can be an exception, but maybe…) clearly won’t fit such flow. And of course, teaching and training won’t count as coaching in the ICF definition.

And then, you also have the complexity of team coaching:

Compared to non-agile coaches, we hybrid agile and ICF coaches can’t rack up the ICF hours as fast as our ICF practice only compatriots. But that doesn’t make us any less of a coach. Again, coaching is wide and deep. In fact, it’s not just agile coaching and ICF coaching. Any practice of influencing people for their betterment probably can qualify as coaching in the broadest sense. What is a good coach? That’s for you to define – in fact, it’s sacred to you, so aim high, strive high.

Hope this helps.


Coach Takeshi

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