Mental Model Dōjō TV: Agile Success Stories – Solaria Labs, Liberty Mutual

Does Agile work? To answer that question, I am starting a new video series of curating Agile success stories. The first story I’d like to share is with Justin Yiu, from Liberty Mutual’s innovation arm Solaria Labs, and their innovative digital insurance product in Hong Kong, Simplify (

As you’ll see, Justin is a very relaxed and laid back person, but what he and his team is accomplishing is amazing. His team operates like a startup in a 100 year old company, and has brought to the market a complex digital insurance product in a short time frame of only 3-4 months. Now that’s remarkable.

Justin’s story is a beautiful example of a concept called Ambidextrous Organizations (Organizational Ambidexterity). I have an accompanying primer video on the concept here:

Ambidextrous Organizations Explained:

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