Knowledge is for Consumption

Knowledge is for Consumption | Coach Takeshi |

Knowledge is for consumption. This is my street philosophy, but I really abide to this. I really, really like to practice what I learn. Practice – both in the application sense, and in the repeat exercise, trial and error sense.

In my previous life, I was a derivatives structurer – options and all those funky financial instruments and stuff. Derivatives, is as its name suggests, a derivative of something else. Second-order use of basic instruments, then third-order use of that and so on. I find learning very much similar. Learnings stack, synthesize and keep on taking new form – that’s how it feels to me.

Take “enabling conversations” for example – one of my favorite coaching topics. It all started when I was blessed in realizing the power of inquiry and dialogue one day. And thereafter, Nonviolent Communication, Radical Candor, Conversational Intelligence, all made so much sense. Psychological safety and so on, all synthesize into the common learning. I consumed the knowledge, internalized it, brewed it, and now it’s part of my life and evolving who I am.

As you know, I hybrid a lot of different mental models. It can appear a bit messy, but I find it okay.

Because knowledge, is for consumption.

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