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We Help Organizations Succeed in Change, Tranformation, Innovation by

Making Teamwork Work

At Agile Organization Development, our focus is on teams. Because collective performance of an organization is derived by teams; not just an aggregate of individual performance or the fruit of a high performing leader. Something magical happens when teamwork is working, and we find opportunity for organizational growth in “activating” teams.

In today’s accelerating service and digital economy new services are being born at breathtaking pace. Meanwhile the external conditions surrounding businesses are increasingly becoming volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It’s a hard world to keep up with and it’s no wonder that people are feeling overwhelmed to adapt to (hence not just VUCA, but VUCAO). More than ever, people need the support of each other – more than ever, people want to teamwork.

With the power of learning, our mission is to help leaders and organizations build such VUCAO resilient teams.

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Our Themes

We have Pattern Recognition of the Challenges and

Learning Solutions for the Modern Organization

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Our Clients

We serve organizations of all sizes with a core clientele among

MNCs, Global FIs, Public Sector Entities, Internationally Operating Family Owned Enterprises, Scaling Startups

We are found by clients that are in dire need of change, transformation, innovation success. Frequently our assignments are a renewed or resusciated effort of ongoing but stagnating, or previously failed endeavors by the client and others. The starting point of the challenge is never simple, and almost always organizationally complex. Here are some examples of our client work:

  • FMCG MNC, global IT organization agile transformation (reboot of two previously failed transformation attempts with major consulting companies)
  • Various MNCs (FMCG, life science, equipment manufacturing, energy) and FIs, agile ways of working introduction to non-IT teams
  • Various MNCs (Energy, engineering, insurance), middle management activation
  • Pharmaceutical, life science, medical device companies, innovation pilots, Design Thinking
  • Food MNC, future proofing pilot, Agile Scrum with cross-functional team
  • Natural resources major, HR organization digital transformation, leadership team focused agile coaching
  • Specialized consulting company, organization wide leadership development programme for N0 to N-2 leaders
  • Market regulating body (government agency), long-range future proofing strategy formulation facilitation for executive team
  • E-commerce, innovation challenge, facilitation

Reflecting our international network of coaches, the majority of our clients are global in nature; typically multi-national corporations, global financial institutions, internationally operating large organizations including family owned enterprises and scaling startups, and public sector entities with a diverse, multi-national workforce or area of activity.

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