The Two Cadence of User Feedback

This image is from Roland Smart’s “Agile Markerter” ( It’s the cadence difference between feedabck (spot the typo? :-)) that come (1) directly from the consumer (Practitioner User Feedback) and (2) the people who manage the consumers of the product/service (Business User Feedback).

The Two Cadence of User Feedback, Roland Smart

There’s real insight here: “The high-frequency feedback that drives iteration is actually inconsistent with the concept of strategy.” “Many companies run into trouble by focusing only on direct customer feedback.”

“Said another way, the practitioners are in the trenches and the business leaders are looking down from 10,000 feet.” “A ground-level view has its place, but when it’s the only view, the organization becomes myopic; it can’t see the forest for the trees. Similarly, companies that focus on the long-term or 10,000-foot view while ignoring fast-changing market and customer dynamics will be left behind to wonder what happened.” “Integrating these two perspectives in a compelling, measurable, and responsive fashion is a challenge.”

I fully agree. In a way my favorite synthesis of Design Thinking + Scrum ( is an attempt to address this.

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