Design Instead of Planning

Design Instead of Planning -

I actually think planning and designing are pretty similar.

It’s just that designing is much more colorful, multi-faceted, free form. Probably more fun too.

Planning for your trip? How about, “designing your next trip”? Sounds more adventurous and intriguing, doesn’t it.

Life planning, versus “life designing”. Wow, so much optimism and the feeling of being in control of one’s destiny.

And instead of business planning, why not “design our business”?

Actually, Business Design is a thing. If you search the term, you’ll see a whole variety of diagrams and processes that prescribe what to do, how to do Business Design.

That’s all fine, and if that resonates with you, go ahead and try it.

Meanwhile, I wanted to bring the attention to, and keep the attention to, the earlier sensations we felt when comparing planning a trip to designing a trip, life planning to designing one’s life, and designing a business instead of just business planning. The word “design” provides us a sensory trigger. Most likely a creative one.

Stay there for a while. And think and feel what design is for you.

And then maybe, try designing, instead of planning, for whatever you are doing next.

It could be fun.

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