Lay Your Lobster Traps

Lay Your Lobster Traps

It bewilders me. Sitting by a calm sea, single line and hook. No catch for today. That’s okay and probably a really nice day on vacation. But that’s definitely not okay if you’re trying to make a sales!

There are myriads of ways to hone in on our skills as fishermen, but for most of us, I’m not sure if sticking to a single line and hook and staring at the vast blue ocean out there is the best use of time…

This is what I’m imaging in my head when I’m hearing sales woes from fellow gig economy freelancers.

Lay lobster traps. This can be your content marketing; blogs, tutorial videos, infographics etc. Or free seminars, talks, workshops, networking events, community events and so on.

Lobster trap fishery is no easy business. You’ll soon realize it’s both a quantity and quality game. But with optimism that the sea is wide and deep, I think it will feed all who make the effort.

Happy fishing!

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