Coach Takeshi’s 2020 Wrap Up and 2021 Wishes

Coach Takeshi's 2020 Wrap Up and 2021 Wishes

310. Wow. This is how many people I coached in 2020. Now of course, I didn’t do this alone: I do predominantly organizational work so this was across 24 teams in 10 client organizations, delivered with 14 other coaches from my tribe and beyond.

And the breadth of the interventions we did together, it’s so wide I have a difficult time categorizing them all in a neat way. Yes there were a lot of Design Thinking and Scrum work, but they were more tools and frameworks brought out where needed; along with the many favorite classic behavioral coaching and Liberating Structures facilitation models which I shared throughout the year in my writings:

I guess it all boils down into the following core realization by our clients:

The world is increasingly becoming complex and learning is the only way to handle complexity.

And therefore, I have clarity on my tribe Agile Organization Development’s mission:

We are a tribe of expert coaches dedicated to developing change, transformation and innovation talent in our client organizations.

I want to do more in 2021; I want to “activate” more people, teams, organizations. And I can’t do this alone. Let’s do this together fellow coaches:

Happy 2021!

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