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Does Your Coach Know Your Game?

It takes a Digitally Enabled Executive Coach to coach Digital Leaders

Takeshi Yoshida, Lifecycle

Takeshi Yoshida

Chief Coach & Founder

Lifecycle Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)


The core competencies needed for leadership in today’s socially and digitally connected organization is a rapidly evolving moving target. Keeping up with latest technology is the easy part – technology trends are at least apparent. The real challenge is in adapting to the changes in people’s behavior, both inside and outside the organization. An organization is a system – small changes in one area of the organization, whether it be an internal or external factor, will have rippled effects on other parts of the organization. Sometimes those impacts are subtle, other times they can be seismic.

If you are a leader or an executive in such fast moving organization and are seeking for an executive coach, you will need a coach that is both well trained and practiced in executive coaching, and has subject matter expertise in digital.

Coach Takeshi

I am myself an organizational leader and corporate executive that has been compelled to innovate and transform repeatedly throughout a 25+ years career. Particularly in the last decade as a serial entrepreneur and more recently as an expert resource at the intersection between start-ups and large corporates, I have been amorphously acquiring, and more importantly using, a wide range of people and process management tools, frameworks and mental models for handling complex work.

Coach Takeshi’s Facilities

  • Coaching
    • Executive (individual) coaching
    • Group coaching
    • Team coaching
    • Agile coaching
  • Training
  • Facilitating
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting
Tools, Frameworks, Approaches, Mental Models
• Lean Startup • Design Thinking • Agile Scrum • User Story Mapping • Design Sprint • LEGO®4Scrum
Behavioral Coaching
• Radical Candor • Conversational Intelligence • Clean Language • Non-Violent Communication • Psychological Safety • Appreciative Inquiry • Habit formation • Theory X & Y • Multipliers and Diminishers • Choice Theory • Positive Psychology Coaching
Modern Management Science
• Systems Thinking • EBM (Evidence Based Management) • OKR (Objective & Key Results) • Innovation Accounting • Organizational Ambidexterity • Theory E & O
• Liberating Structures • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
Professional Certifications
  • PSM II, PSPO (Professional Scrum Master II, Professional Scrum Product Owner, Scrum.org)
  • CCC (Certified Competent Coach, School of Coaching Mastery)
  • ICF ACC in progress (International Coaching Federation, Associate Certified Coach)
  • CPPC in progress (Certified Positive Psychology Coach, International Association of Positive Psychology Coaches)
  • Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator

Coherence & Performance Coaching

My mission as executive coach is simple: to bring the best out of the coachee. I believe in the deep resourcefulness, creativity and inherent wholeness of people: when we are whole (coherent), we perform best. Therefore, for performance, I focus on helping the coachee achieve coherence through active listening, clarifying and nudging.

Executive Coaching with Intent

Again, coaching is mainly a practice of listening and supporting the coachee clarify, design and act on their own “what next.” However, there can be times that the coachee seeks for certain new knowledge and skills that the coach possesses, or the coach may find areas of learning that may be beneficial to the coachee. In such cases, I consider it appropriate and opportune that the coach can introduce, advise, teach, and even train the coachee for such new knowledge and skills, so long as it is at the request of, or with the suggestion to and permission of the coachee.

The following are some common topics that can be addressed in my executive coaching sessions.

  • Leadership strategy for Agile Organization Development: The key to a successful Agile organizational transformation is in alignment. Senior sponsorship is a must, but often cases that’s not enough. Leaders will typically need to pick up an active role in facilitating the transformation, and this is an area that I can provide intricate pointers as an Organization Development professional and Agile practitioner.

  • Developing Executive Presence: As leaders depart from old command and control habits and transition to a “leaders as facilitators, managers as coaches” modus operandi, the sense of loss of power can be unsettling. Executive presence can fill that gap. Executive presence is about exercising influence by having a clear intention of how you want to be perceived by people, and authentically communicating accordingly. It is a new mindset and a communication skill set that takes practice to master, and we can work on it through coaching.

  • Mastering Mentor Coaching: Mentoring and coaching are now common activities for today’s leaders, however, they tend to be done without a clear understanding of what activities they entail. Too often, mentors listen to their mentee’s challenges but are quick to solve the problems for them. Other times mentoring sessions become lectures. When requested to make mentoring and coaching skills a focal topic of the executive coaching, I start with helping the leaders clarify what mentoring is about for them and their mentees. And then I concentrate on the coaching element of mentoring. Coaching is a skill set that does not come naturally to most people. It requires awareness and a decent amount of training to overcome some of our basic traits and habits around communication that are not conducive to effective coaching. Mastering mentor coaching will take time and a lot of practicing. As “coach’s coach,” I help leaders stay on track and committed to the mastery.

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