Scrum RACI

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Scrum RACI

Our coachees affectionately call it the avocado. We use this to describe the required boundary conditions and effective organizational support for developing high performing Scrum teams.

> Responsible: Scrum Development Team

> Accountable: Product Owner and Scrum Master

— boundary —

> Consulted: Subject Matter Experts, Stake Holders, Partners, Customers

> Informed: Stake Holders, Customers

A common trait of a less optimally performing Scrum team is that they are “diluted.” For example:

(1) There are fly-in, fly-out team members

(2) Some team members have low and variable rate of time commitment (e.g. 10~25%)

(3) The team size expands and contracts from Sprint to Sprint

(4) Stake Holders meddle with the Product and Sprint Backlog

(1)~(3) can be solved by making these “variable” team members participate in the development as SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) STRICTLY OUTSIDE OF THE BOUNDARIES of the Scrum Team.

(For more on this, refer to:

What do we do when we have missing expertise in the Scrum Team?
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