c2it: confirm, communicate, dot the i's, cross the t's
As boss, how do we ask our team members "can you see to it?" without sounding hard-pressing and controlling? Getting (read more...)
How to Build a Kanban Board from Scratch
Your Kanban is a living, breathing artifact. Use it daily and update it frequently. Keep it live and fresh. Why (read more...)
Remote and Hybrid Teamwork Success: Asynchronous Communication is the Key
Addressing the "Always On" Fatigue of Remote and Hybrid Working with Asynchronous Communication "I miss working in the office, at (read more...)
Separating Thinking Doing Time Blue Red Work
David Marquet's "Blue & Red Work" Red Work: Doing Time We continue to be haunted by the ghosts of Taylorism (read more...)
What, So What, Now What x 1-2-4-All
The situation is volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, overwhelming (VUCA"O"). We have an immediate, mission critical challenge to tackle. We need (read more...)
Understanding the Science of Motivation for Leading with Inspiration and Purpose
Watch on YouTube References Transcript How do we lead with inspiration and purpose? It’s a good question and every leader’s (read more...)
How to influence without manipulating
Dear Eli, Frankie and team, thanks for the follow-up questions to our group coaching session on "Aristotle's Influence Model". What (read more...)
Authentic Conversations and the Art of Feedbacking
Watch on YouTube References Transcript Why is it so hard to have an authentic conversation? The type of conversation that (read more...)
Why Design Thikning plus Scrum makes a lot of Sense
Watch on YouTube Learn How To Do Design Thinking + Scrum Transcript In doing so, first, I’d like to take (read more...)
Rapid Design Thinking Template
Stuck with a customer challenge? No problem, let's visualize it. Sharing my Rapid Design Thinking Template that I frequently use (read more...)
Coach Takeshi's Scrum Crash Course
Learn Scrum the right way! This is a one hour fifty minute condensed version of my otherwise one day Scrum (read more...)
Lay Your Lobster Traps
It bewilders me. Sitting by a calm sea, single line and hook. No catch for today. That's okay and probably (read more...)
Measuring Coaching, Training, Consulting Intervention Efficacy and Needs
Practicing Empiricism in Learning Interventions As learning professionals, we coach, train, consult and facilitate our client teams to measure their (read more...)
Join us at: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13940775 Dear members of the Agile Organization Development Practitioner's Community, thank you for joining and welcome to (read more...)
Curious Active Listening Mindset as a Leadership Modality - Directional Talk or Dialogue?
Directional Talk, or Dialogue? Previously I shared CALM for receiving critical feedback. You can also have a Curious Active Listening (read more...)
Curious Active Listening Mindset for Receiving Feedback
Receiving critical feedback is dreadful. Our defensive routines get triggered and however we might understand that the feedback giver is (read more...)
Welcome to Design Thinking by Coach Takeshi
Download the deck in PDF | Watch on YouTube Transcript (read more...)
Learn Design Thinking in 30 minutes: Origami Gift Exercise
Here’s a rapid Design Thinking practice exercise that I do in my training sessions. It’s really simple. You pair up (read more...)
Structured + Unstructured Learning, Vertical + Horizontal Learning, Shu-Ha-Ri (守破離)
I use three mental models to describe my pedagogy (theory and practice of education): Structured + Unstructured Learning Lecturing, teaching, (read more...)
Coach Takeshi's 2020 Wrap Up and 2021 Wishes
310. Wow. This is how many people I coached in 2020. Now of course, I didn't do this alone: I (read more...)
Cognitive, Emotional, Compassionate Empathy
There are three types of empathy: cognitive, emotional and compassionate empathy; each respectively the desire to understand, to feel and (read more...)