Coach Takeshi's Agile 101
What is agile? Why agile? How do we do agile? What's the difference between Agile, Scrum, Lean, Design Thinking? Tell (read more...)
What do we do when we have missing expertise in the Scrum Team?
On the recurring, practical question of what to do when there are missing skills and expertise in the cross-functional Scrum (read more...)
Smart people can't stand looking stupid
There's one HBR article that I share but never hear back about. It's Chris Argyris' “Teaching Smart People How to (read more...)
Go with the FLOW to capture your thoughts from Design Thinking customer interviews |
So you had some great customer interviews as part of your Design Thinking exercise. You felt that you empathized well (read more...)
KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple
KISS, an acronym for "keep it simple, stupid" or "keep it stupid simple", is a design principle noted by the (read more...)
What to do when feeling overwhelmed -
1. Breathe Know to stop. Stop. Take a deep breath. Slowly regulate your breathing. Our mind and body is an (read more...)
Agile Success Stories - UOB Finlab Felix Tan
What makes UOB's Finlab not just yet another bank accelerator unit, is its unique focus in helping SMEs with its (read more...)
Kill the Zombies in the Eisenhower Matrix |
My executive coaching client was being completely overwhelmed. After a download of a long list of things on his plate, (read more...)
Disagreement vs Misalignment
"Shared understanding" is an everyday word in my team coaching. It's so easy to get into positional talk and convincing (read more...)
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Revised Pyramid Visual Interpretation
Self-Transcendence - Beyond Self-Actualization and Theory X & Y Maslow's Original Hierarchy of Needs Model In 1943, Abraham H. Maslow (read more...)
Mental Model Dōjō TV - Agile Success Stories - Solaria Labs Liberty Mutual
Does Agile work? To answer that question, I am starting a new video series of curating Agile success stories. The (read more...)
Mental Model Dōjō TV - Ambidextrous Organizations Explained
Link to case study video: Transcript What is an ambidextrous organization? In a nutshell, an ambidextrous organization takes care (read more...)
Stop #failureporn - only real failures count -
There's this thing called failure porn. As Agile professionals, as educators, as parents, we say it's okay to fail. Go (read more...)
Mental Model Dōjō TV - Knowing to Stop - a Confucius Teaching
We practice the art of stopping - meditation, mindfulness, reflection, introspection, zen. Confucius says to stop, we first need to (read more...)
Innovator's Dilemma -
A tribute post to Professor Clayton Christensen, author of "The Innovator's Dilemma" (1997), who passed away after a long illness. (read more...)
Addressing the Irony of Delivering Agile Transformation with Waterfall -
The Irony of Delivering Agile Transformation with Waterfall Agile and digital transformation projects are abundant today. The irony is that (read more...)
Knowledge is for Consumption | Coach Takeshi |
Knowledge is for consumption. This is my street philosophy, but I really abide to this. I really, really like to (read more...)
Premature Scaling is Startup Death |
#1 Cause of Startup Death? Premature Scaling This is what INSEAD professor Nathan Furr said in a 2011 Forbes article. (read more...)
Don't Mix What I want FROM you with What I want FOR you |
Frustrations about others, are (not surprisingly) frequent topics of my coaching conversations. The clarifying question "So, what are you frustrated (read more...)
Karpman Drama Triangle |
In coaching enabling conversation skills, I find Karpman's Drama Triangle (1968) very useful. (1) Blaming, shaming and guilt tripping, (2) (read more...)
Relentless Pursuit of Product Market Fit is Customer Obsession |
Relentless pursuit of product market fit is customer obsession. Reality is, so many distractions in the office... It would be (read more...)
Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress. - Mahatma Gandhi Nodding one's head in agreement when reading an (read more...)
Deductive and Inductive Reasoning and the Divergent, Convergent Double Diamond in Design Thinking |
There's science and philosophy behind Design Thinking's divergent and convergent double diamond. It's the logic of deductive and inductive reasoning. (read more...)