How to Receive Critical Feedback in a Breeze: Try CALM – “Curious Active Listening Mindset”
Receiving critical feedback is dreadful. Our defensive routines get triggered and however we might understand that the feedback giver is (read more...)
Welcome to Design Thinking by Coach Takeshi
Download the deck in PDF | Watch on YouTube Transcript (read more...)
Learn Design Thinking in 30 minutes: Origami Gift Exercise
Here’s a rapid Design Thinking practice exercise that I do in my training sessions. It’s really simple. You pair up (read more...)
Structured + Unstructured Learning, Vertical + Horizontal Learning, Shu-Ha-Ri (守破離)
I use three mental models to describe my pedagogy (theory and practice of education): Structured + Unstructured Learning Lecturing, teaching, (read more...)
Coach Takeshi's 2020 Wrap Up and 2021 Wishes
310. Wow. This is how many people I coached in 2020. Now of course, I didn't do this alone: I (read more...)
Cognitive, Emotional, Compassionate Empathy
There are three types of empathy: cognitive, emotional and compassionate empathy; each respectively the desire to understand, to feel and (read more...)
Feed-Forward Positive Feedback with the FFF Feed-Forward Formula
When we think of feedbacking, we tend to just do "corrective feedbacking"; i.e. feedbacking on things to improve. Don't do (read more...)
日本一わかりやすい、デザイン思考の説明ビデオを作ってみました。 スライドダウンロード PDF Transcript (read more...)
Scrum RACI
My coachees affectionately call it the avocado. I use this to describe the required boundary conditions and effective organizational support (read more...)
Delegation, Empowerment Spectrum
"I don't delegate, I empower." The mantra of the modern enabling manager. I don't disagree. Though caveat emptor. The delegation, (read more...)
Again, it's all in the balance. If it's just all vision and empowerment, the team won't move. Even as an (read more...)
Aristotle’s Influence Model
We use "logos" (rational) too much. It's "pathos" (empathy), "ethos" (credibility, presence), and "kairos" (right time, right place), in balance. (read more...)
It's mastery, so don't expect it to be easy. As both a serial entrepreneur and agile coach to teams of (read more...)
Performing teams have two simple traits: 1. They have team processes that work. 2. People talk to each other.
What do you do? The dreaded elevator pitch question. I fumble on it every time. Some days I will say (read more...)
Social and digital is accelerating the service economy transformation in our world. In the service economy, the competitive advantage is (read more...)
In Praise of Risk
3 years ago today, French philosopher and psychoanalyst Anne Dufourmantelle, best known for her work on risk-taking ("In Praise of (read more...)
8 Eight Mind and Heart Hacks for Emotionally Charged Situations |
Here are eight mind and heart hacks for immediate deployment in emotionally charged situations. I use Rhythm Section and Observe, (read more...)
Coach Takeshi's Agile 101
What is agile? Why agile? How do we do agile? What's the difference between Agile, Scrum, Lean, Design Thinking? Tell (read more...)
What do we do when we have missing expertise in the Scrum Team?
On the recurring, practical question of what to do when there are missing skills and expertise in the cross-functional Scrum (read more...)
Smart people can't stand looking stupid
There's one HBR article that I share but never hear back about. It's Chris Argyris' “Teaching Smart People How to (read more...)
Go with the FLOW to capture your thoughts from Design Thinking customer interviews |
So you had some great customer interviews as part of your Design Thinking exercise. You felt that you empathized well (read more...)
KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple
KISS, an acronym for "keep it simple, stupid" or "keep it stupid simple", is a design principle noted by the (read more...)
What to do when feeling overwhelmed -
1. Breathe Know to stop. Stop. Take a deep breath. Slowly regulate your breathing. Our mind and body is an (read more...)