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Managing Smart People,  Managing Quiet People

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Managing Smart People, Managing Quiet People


When it comes to the topic of how to manage disengaged team members in my (Coach Takeshi) executive coaching sessions, I see two patterns. On one end of the spectrum is the “quiet” people; i.e. people who leaders perceive as passive and instruction waiting. On the other end of the spectrum is the “smart” people; i.e. people who leaders perceive as holding high esteem of their abilities and sometimes causing complications in teamwork, including withholding and closed behavior*.

I think almost all leaders come across these two types of people (in varying degree of course) at some point in their careers managing teams. Therefore I believe managing smart people and quiet people are each important targeted management skills that every leader would find useful to anticipate and develop.

In my coaching sessions, some executives have found breakthrough in this topic with better feedbacking skills, e.g. Radical Candor. Other coachees have found the Delegation, Empowerment Spectrum helpful. And there are many more mental models that leaders can pick and choose in devising their own ways of embracing these two types of challenging people. Come join our session and let’s explore together.

Note*: I am aware of the impression of passing judgement and the risk of stereo typically labelling people as “smart” and “quiet”. Nonetheless oversimplification is sometimes helpful in facilitating thinking exercises so forgive me.

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About the Mental Model Dōjō

We’ve got to have many mental models in our head, and array our experiences on a “latticework” of mental models, says Charlie Munger. OD (Organization Development) in today’s context is nothing but complex. There’s no magic bullet singular solution to the many challenges that leaders and teams face in day-to-day work. We need a multiplex of tools, approaches, frameworks, i.e. mental models.

We created the Mental Model Dōjō learning community at Agile OD to foster lifelong learning for our current and alumni clients, and to invite anyone with the learning mindset to explore and experiment the many cognitive tools, thinking frameworks, communication approaches, collaboration modalities and, simply put, philosophies created by the great minds of old and new.

About the Modern General Management Forum

Managing teams and organizations in today’s accelerating world is nothing but complex. Whether you are a project lead, division head, country manager or CxO, the ability as an “integrator” of people and processes across different domains of expertise and technology is key.

This is a broad skill – it’s general management, with a modern twist. Let’s take a fresh look at general management in today’s context; come join our forum and learn and explore with us the wide range of Modern General Management KSAs (knowledge, skills, abilities) adaptive to the needs of our evolving world.

Each forum session will be in group coaching and discussion format facilitated by Agile OD coaches. Participation is free.

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