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October 19 Session (free)

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing of Agile Teams

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  • Session A: Oct 19 (Thu) 08:00 SGP, Oct 18 (Wed) 20:00 US EST, 19:00 CST, 17:00 PST
  • Session B: Oct 19 (Thu) 18:00 SGP, 14:00 DXB, CET 12:00, LON 11:00

Featured Topic

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing of Agile Teams


For this month’s Corporate Innovation Forum, let’s discuss the professional topic of how to help Agile teams, or any team, go through a healthy Tuckman process of forming, storming, norming, performing.

Some teams form and norm skipping storm, and consequently perform mediocrely. Other teams storm badly and norm chillingly with low team trust.

The key is in facilitative leadership and we’ll share a few tips on how to get that going with newly formed Agile teams, and how to reboot the process with teams that have gone stale.

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About the Mental Model Dōjō

We’ve got to have many mental models in our head, and array our experiences on a “latticework” of mental models, says Charlie Munger. OD (Organization Development) in today’s context is nothing but complex. There’s no magic bullet singular solution to the many challenges that leaders and teams face in day-to-day work. We need a multiplex of tools, approaches, frameworks, i.e. mental models.

We created the Mental Model Dōjō learning community at Agile OD to foster lifelong learning for our current and alumni clients, and to invite anyone with the learning mindset to explore and experiment the many cognitive tools, thinking frameworks, communication approaches, collaboration modalities and, simply put, philosophies created by the great minds of old and new.

About the Modern General Management Forum

Managing teams and organizations in today’s accelerating world is nothing but complex. Whether you are a project lead, division head, country manager or CxO, the ability as an “integrator” of people and processes across different domains of expertise and technology is key.

This is a broad skill – it’s general management, with a modern twist. Let’s take a fresh look at general management in today’s context; come join our forum and learn and explore with us the wide range of Modern General Management KSAs (knowledge, skills, abilities) adaptive to the needs of our evolving world.

Each forum session will be in group coaching and discussion format facilitated by Agile OD coaches. Participation is free.

About Agile OD

Hi, thank you for your interest in Agile Organization Development. My name is Coach Takeshi and I lead our growing tribe of now 30 plus expert coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants from all around the world.

I created Agile OD as a force for good in our rapidly evolving world. Our focus is on helping leaders, teams and organizations make the workplace a better place for all so that we can enjoy more fullfilling and valuable work.

That’s why we are first and foremost learning professionals – our work is “inside-out” helping people develop and master the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for reaching their individual, team and organizational goals.

We work at all levels of the organization, from C-suite to corporate strategy teams managing mission critical organizational change, transformation and innovation programs, HR teams facilitating learning & development programs for their talent, business units and product development teams aspiring to achieve high and hyper performance, and with love and care any individual person seeking support for their personal and professional development.

We work with all sizes of organizations, from multi-national corporations to public entities, SMEs and startups.

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