Behavioral Coaching Training for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters & Product Owners, Design Thinkers


6 weeks of total 12 hours intensive online group coaching and training. Small cohort of like minded global professionals, max 8 people per class. Cohort choices from two time zones:

  • BCT2001EU: 2020 Jan 15 ~ Feb 19, Wednesdays, GMT 08:00-10:00 (SGP 16:00-18:00 | check other time zones)
  • BCT2001US: 2020 Jan 15 ~ Feb 19, Wednesdays, EST 08:00-10:00 (WST 16:00-18:00 | Jan 16 ~ Feb 20, Thursdays, SGP 08:00-10:00 | check other time zones)

Course price in USD. No immediate payment required. A payment link will be separately sent upon registration confirmation of your spot. | This is an instructor led online class. Classes will be delivered over a web platform. | 80% attendance is required for receiving a certification of completion.

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A specially designated group coaching and training course for professional Agile coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners, Design Thinking practitioners and facilitators, to learn application of behavioral science tools, concepts and skills that will help address the many organizational complexities associated to the particular context of the profession:

  • Inside the team challenges: Activate positive group dynamics within the team
  • Outside the team challenges: Alleviate unproductive meddling from outside of the team
  • Organizational challenges: Elevate organizational presence and receive higher recognition for the transformational value of work done

The course aims to help participants strengthen knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) around behavioral coaching that can be applied to addressing inside the team challenges (e.g. 80/20 participation, general low energy and skepticism, dominant and toxic personalities in teams, Zombi Scrum, methodology-trapped Design Thinking), outside the team challenges (e.g. project management office controls, stakeholder sentiment driven prioritization, half-body team members, fixed term client contracts), and deliver more impactful outcomes and receive higher recognition from the organization for the transformational value of the work.

Learning Approach

Structured, Unstructured Learning

The course will mainly take the form of unstructured learning with group coaching. The group coaching will center around actual cases of work challenges that participants will be invited to share.

Elements of structured learning, e.g. introduction to certain models and frameworks, training exercises, will be blended in whenever it is opportune during the discourse. “Then and there” are usually the best timings to learn new things as the need is present. When the needs arises, course coach and trainer Coach Takeshi will interactively suggest to the class learning topics from various disciplines including the following:

Coach Takeshi’s Favorite Tools, Frameworks, Approaches, Mental Models
Agile• Lean Startup • Design Thinking • Agile Scrum • User Story Mapping • Design Sprint • OODA • Lego®4Scrum
Behavioral Coaching• Radical Candor • Conversational Intelligence • Non-Violent Communication • Clean Language • Psychological Safety • Appreciative Inquiry • Positive Psychology • Choice Theory • Theory X & Y • Multipliers and Diminishers • Habit formation
Modern Management Science• Systems Thinking • EBM (Evidence Based Management) • OKR (Objective & Key Results) • Innovation Accounting • Organizational Ambidexterity • Theory E & O
Facilitation• Liberating Structures • Retromat • Lego® Serious Play®

Coach Takeshi’s group coaching will include coaching “coaching skills.” Opportunities to practice peer to peer coaching will be facilitated so that there is active dialogue among participants.

In addition, a Slack channel will be opened for participants during the course for information sharing and collaborating on assignments in between classes.

Coach & Trainer

Takeshi Yoshida, Lifecycle

Takeshi Yoshida

Chief Coach & Founder

Lifecycle Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)


As an Agile Coach, Scrum Master & Product Owner and Design Thinking Facilitator himself, Coach Takeshi knows first hand how challenging the work can be in the face of complex group and organizational dynamics. Coach Takeshi is also a Behavioral Coach and Organization Development (OD) professional, which is a profession of applying behavioral science to complex organizational challenges. Coach Takeshi enjoys experimenting hybrid interventions, and finds multi-disciplinary approaches consistently more effective than single tool applications.

Formerly a career banker (Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank etc.) doing derivatives, turned serial startup entrepreneur (including Chief Commercial Officer at Singapore based fintech Canopy), Coach Takeshi comes with significant business experience. He lectures and conducts workshops at his MBA alma matter INSEAD’s executive program. Professional certifications include PSMII, PSPO, CCC (School of Coaching Mastery, ICF ACC in progress), Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator.

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BCT2001EU: 2020 Jan 15 ~ Feb 19 Wed GMT08:00-10:00 (SGP16:00-18:00), BCT2001US: 2020 Jan 15 ~ Feb 19 Wed EST19:00-21:00 (WST16:00-18:00 / Jan 16 ~ Feb 20 Thu SGP08:00-10:00)