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Agile Organization Development is a tribe of expert coaches, trainers and facilitators that develop and deliver learning intervention solutions on the many challenges that organizations face around organizational change, agile and digital transformation, and innovation.

We are first and foremost learning professionals – our work is “inside-out” helping people develop and master the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for reaching their individual and team goals, rather than “outside-in” advising, recommending and “on-behalf” delivering solutions.

Within the learning profession, we are less teachers and more coaches and facilitators, because learning in today’s complex business environment is all about “learning by doing.”

Finally, we are a collective of multi-disciplinary practitioners. We don’t have agile coaches that only do agile, executive coaches that only coach executives and Design Thinkers that just facilitate Design Thinking workshops. We are a team of learners ourselves that consistently explore and utilize, often in combination, leading-edge practices of process coaching, behavioral coaching and latest academic learnings in management science.

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Agile OD - Organization Development as a practice of behavioral & process coaching, and application of management science

Our Origin

We are an experimental organization ourselves; we are

Diverse, Networked, Communal

Agile Organization Development was founded in 2017 by Chief Coach Takeshi Yoshida. As a former corporate exective turned serial entrepreneur, Coach Takeshi wanted to sense make his many struggles and some successes across organizations large and small in his quarter of century career. Through the lenses of process coaching, behavioral coaching and management science, Coach Takeshi approached like minded learning professionals and gradually the Agile Organization Development tribe was formed.

Since its genesis, Coach Takeshi insists practicing what one preaches as a professional discipline of the tribe. We coach agile, self-organization, distributed teams, diversity, equity & inclusion, Open Innovation etc., and we proudly live those values in organizing ourselves.

Everyday is an experiment at Agile Organization Development. Can a team of diverse, networked experts effectively work together in delivering critical work for client organizations at the same or better level than incumbent players in the change, transformation, innovation space? We practice evidence based management and constantly measure our performance – we believe the validation we receive from clients demonstrate that we are a reliable partner to work with in creating critical value and impact in the most complex environments.

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Company Information

Agile Organization Development is managed by Lifecycle Pte. Ltd., established in Singapore under UEN 201119301G. Takeshi Yoshida is the Chief Executive Officer of Lifecycle Pte. Ltd.